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Here, at Tale21, we help your brand stand out.


I am Bianca, an experienced communications professional. I started in 2015 as a journalist, and over the years I’ve been shaping stories about bold ideas, resilient companies, and ambitious entrepreneurs.

In 2020, I decided to become a communications consultant. I work with ambitious companies, with a focus on the tech field (both on B2B and B2C segments), and until now, I have helped over 20+ clients achieve their business potential through PR & communications.


All the pieces for the growth puzzle to work
PR coverage and media relations

Improve and manage your business reputation, achieve your business goals, support the lead generation funnel, and gain authority in front of potential customers & business partners through a strategic PR approach.

Content marketing

Strengthen brand awareness through a carefully planned content marketing strategy able to create valuable, relevant, and engaging content for your target audience. This will build trust and ultimately, generate leads.

Social media marketing

Be where your customer is. Generate leads and sales, grow your brand’s audience, and build community engagement with the right social media strategy, depending on the channel.

Brand storytelling

Every brand has a story to be told. Don’t let yours fall into oblivion. Create meaningful relationships with your customers and stakeholders through a carefully crafted tale.

Brand positioning

Creating a relevant brand positioning is very important for the overall marketing strategy. Differentiate your brand and create a meaningful experience for your customers.


Having a website for an online business is not enough to build a strong presence. With the help of our experienced partners from SMART TECHNICAL SEO, we can help you make it run smoothly.

Are you looking for an experienced partner to support your business growth?

Here’s what we can do for you, using the right communications & PR strategy:
Build brand authority
Cultivate trust and authenticity
Gain public visibility
Manage your brand’s reputation
Strengthen and increase your brand awareness
Create meaningful connections
Build a strong employer brand
Boost company’s sales

Why should you invest in PR & communications?

Strong communications are the first aspect you should think about when building, gaining and nurturing trust, a crucial ingredient for any business. And you know it. It fuels your success and contributes to maintaining your longevity, being at the core of every business relationship. 

When used right, communications determines the success of your company, and aids your business objectives, whether we are talking about a better positioning on the market, gaining visibility in front of your stakeholders, or building meaningful relationships with your customers and other business partners. 

A healthy company differentiates itself through a cohesive identity and through a powerful presence. From inside to the outside, the way your company is perceived matters most. 

If you are a tech startup, or an ambitious SME, we can help you achieve your business goals through a carefully planned communications strategy.

Why working with us?

Here, at Tale21, we combine different actions to shape the right strategy that supports your company’s growth.

How do we do it? We combine all the knowledge & experience to get to know the core of your business very well and then:


Understand who your target audience is, with all the intricacies


Craft a suitable action plan to support your business goals


Focus on delivering the right messaging and creating an authentic relationship with your customers


Evaluate the impact (using technical tools), constantly improve and adjust

We can proudly say that we have worked with companies from various tech niches, such as healthtech, logtech, e-commerce, business consultancy and many more, supporting them in their growth.

We focus on tailoring the right approach for you.

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